When a relationship breaks down, people often get hurt and things can be said in temper that we perhaps do not really mean.

People can often become possessive of their property and their children in the initial stages.  It may still be raw.  It is at this stage that you should visit your solicitor.  Their advice could save you stress, time, money and emotion.  You may not want to make that step to discuss the concept of divorce, but it could prove worthwhile and beneficial to you and your family.

At your initial meeting, we would try to put your at ease.  We appreciate that people often visit solicitors during stressful stages of their lives.  We would discuss matters in a calm and professional way; taking you through the various stages of the divorce.  If you wish, a letter of advice can be drafted, so that you have all of the information without having to write down everything that we say.

We have received great comments from previous Clients regarding our empathy, professionalism, diligence and advice.

We hope that you would be comfortable with us, from Divorce Petition to Decree Absolute (don’t worry, we’ll explain the jargon)!

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